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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
  • Open Access
Some providers (ie. National Comprehensive Cancer Network) require a free account to access full guidelines. Please contact library for login information or create free account when prompted.
A unique resource providing books from Canadian publishers and public policy content from Canadian governments, think tanks and research centres, all packaged and designed for library use.
ExpertPath, written by renowned pathologists in each specialty, provides comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology decision support
you can rely on, including:
* Over 4,000 common and complex diagnoses
* 51,000 searchable, high-quality annotated pathology images
* Overviews of diagnosis groups
* Tables with summary information for organ systems
* Normal histology topics
* Specimen handling protocols and best practices
Build Diagnoses (Dx) Panel:
Compare over 2,000 diagnoses from all pathology specialties! The Dx Panel feature allows the pathologist to select the top differentiating antibodies for any 1-, 2-, or 3-Dx comparison. The information is up-to-date and statistically significant with the backing of nearly 1,500,000 cases from peer-reviewed literature.

Analyze Results:
Confirm your suspected diagnosis in a few easy steps! By entering your lab’s staining results into our Analyze Results feature, ImmunoQuery will suggest the most likely diagnosis using the power of the meta-analysis.

Learn About an Antibody:
Your first stop in evaluating an antibody! See clones for each antibody, review top-tested diagnoses and link to meta-analysis for each one. View abstracts from ImmunoQuery’s large database of references.
A point-of-care tool that helps pediatric emergency medicine practitioners pinpoint diagnoses, treat diseases and medical conditions, detect harmful drug interactions and allergy sensitivities, and accurately dose patients. Includes: Emergency Medicine Sections; Procedures; Pharmacology; Medical Calculators; Pill Identification; Illustrations; and Lab Manual.
This comprehensive evidence-based resource provides physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals with information and updates on medications and drug therapy. It includes therapeutic recommendations, guidelines, practice-and-disease-related charts, educational materials and more. Coverage of topics dates from 1996 to the present day.
Written by renowned radiologists in each specialty, provides comprehensive decision support you can rely on, including:
Over 4,300 common and complex diagnoses
200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples
More than 1,300 differential diagnosis modules
Comprehensive normal imaging anatomy
20,000 easily-sortable patient cases
Basic and advanced procedures