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EndNote X8 for SHA Staff



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Q. What is EndNote? What is it for?

A. EndNote X8 is a citation management software solution, also known as a reference manager. EndNote manages and organizes large quantities of citation (bibliographic) information. It can be very helpful to academics, scientists and researchers who need to keep track of journal articles and books. Researchers conducting large-scale literature reviews (scoping, systematic, etc.) can benefit greatly from using a citation manager.

EndNote also includes a plugin for most word processors that automatically inserts citations and bibliographies directly into your working document. 

You can learn more about the product and it's features on the official EndNote Website.

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Employees and clinicians with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, as well as any individuals involved in temporary or ongoing Health Authority research projects

Q. Who is not eligible?

A. Health Authority non-affiliates, staff and students without a temporary or ongoing research project

Q. How do I request a copy?

A. Email us with your request and we will follow up with you. Note: the installation process may take several days and require contact with your local IT support to approve the installation on a Health Authority workstation.

The SHA Library reserves the right to revoke and discontinue licenses at any time.