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The COVID-19 Repository is the landing page for the evidence and rapid reviews that were conducted to support Saskatchewan decision-makers during the COVID pandemic. The term of CEST concluded on June 30, 2022.

Updating a Review

Updating a Review

At some point, an updated review may be required on a specific research question.  The Team Lead may determine the need for an updated review based on the original question, the importance of the topic, and the significant information being reported in the literature from the search alerts they are receiving.

There are two streams for updating a review:  

1. The original research question remains the same;

2.  There is a variation from the original research question.

Identical Question:

If the original research question remains the same:

  1. The Team Lead will contact the team and librarian(s) who conducted the original search for an update evidence search report, from the date of the original search report until the date of the update.  
  2. To write the updated version of review.
    1. Keep “Track Changes” on when updating the Rapid Review document.
    2. If the findings have been changed, then update the “Key Findings” section.
    3. If no changes in the findings, indicate “No changes” in the “Key Findings” section.
    4. Make a note if the search strategy was changed or de-selection occurred by librarian and why. (Consult the librarian)
  3. Librarian sends the updated review to the team, the original reviewer, the requester, and the library’s email.
  4. The library will add the new versions to the database, attached to the original question so all versions are accessible in one location.
  5. The library will add the link to new version on the Repository.

Original Question Changed:

If the question is a change to the original research question:

  1. Refer to the Assigning Requests Process.
    1. An updated review that changed the original research question should still refer back to the original review as a related review.