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Brianna Howell-Spooner
Saskatoon City Hospital

Midwifery Resources

  Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal
  Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation
  09/2013 - current

  British Journal of Midwifery
  2002 - current

  Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice
  Canadian Association of Midwives
  06/2010 - current

  Evidence-Based Midwifery
  09/2013 - current

  Midwifery Matters
  Association of Radical Midwives
  12/1996 - current

  Midwifery News
  New Zealand College of Midwives
  06/2008 - current

  Midwifery Today
  12/2000 - current

  World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery
  2005 - current

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