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Note: Contact the Library (not the IT Department) if you experience technical issues with any of the licensed mobile apps. If the issue is unresolvable, we can put you in contact with the vendor and their support team.

McMaster Textbook App

Accessing the Mobile App Content

  • You will need to create a free account on the Empendium website to use this mobile application
  • If you do not create a free account then you will be forced to create one after 1 week after downloading the app

Creating a Personal Account

  1. Go the the Empendium website
  2. Enter your email address, create a password, and click Next
  3. Select an Account Type
  4. Enter your personal and professional data into the form, and then check of I agree to Terms of Use, and click Next

Downloading Instructions

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Open the McMaster Textbook app on your personal device
  3. Click on the Continue button on the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap the Agree button when prompted to agree to the Terms of Use
  5. Tap the About icon along the bottom right of the screen
  6. Scroll down the list of options and select Subscription Information
  7. Tap Login and sign in with your email and password

This e-textbook for medical professionals, residents and students covers the essential fields and everyday practice of internal medicine. Content is peer reviewed and critically assessed using the GRADE system. Users also have access to the following supplementary resources: lectures, talks, reviews and links to external articles. Content is updated on a regular basis.