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Guidelines Search Tips

About guidelines
  • Also called clinical practice guidelines or practice guidelines
  • Produced by various health-care organizations and professional bodies
  • Can have a local, national or international focus
  • Not useful for finding the latest innovation, practices or evidence
  • Guidelines produced by different organizations may make different recommendations
Where to look
  • DynaMed - summaries include a section on guidelines, with links to specific guidelines
  • Databases - databases such as MEDLINE and CINAHL allow you to limit your search results by guidelines
  • Trip  Pro - this clinical search engine allows you to filter your results by guidelines
  • Google - useful for finding guidelines published on individual websites

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CSA Standards from Saskatchewan Health Authority Infection Prevention and Control Program

CSA Standards available to SHA employees or departments:

Select CSA Standards are available through the SHA Infection Prevention and Control Program (IPAC) with a user ID and password. To acquire a login, email Colleen Gaudio or phone 306-766-7345.

Information about the CSA account:

  • The subscription allows only one user at a time to view any given PDF. You will receive an error if you try to log in while someone is viewing a PDF. CSA suggests you save the PDF you would like to read and then log out from the site.
  • The site times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Attempting to log in 3 times unsuccessfully will lock you out. Contact Colleen Gaudio to unlock the account.