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Installing the NeoFax App

To install the Neofax app:

  1. Go to Neofax. If you are not using a SHA networked computer or the RQHR Wi-Fi then you will be prompted to enter your barcode (contact us to request a barcode).
  2. Click on 'Mobile' in the top-right corner of the page. You will see a list of apps and instructions. Make note of the passwords for each app. You will need the passwords in step 4.
  3. Download:
  4. When you open each app on your device, select 'Micromedex Customer' and enter the password provided in the instructions on the 'Mobile' page (from step 2).

Note: You will be asked to update your password annually on March 1. When the app reminds you to update your password, you can find the new one by returning to the 'Mobile' page in Neofax.

About NeoFax

NeoFax is designed to assist clinicians in improving outcomes and efficiencies in prescribing, calculating, and
administering drug therapy for neonates and children. Resources include drug monographs, enteral formulas,
and a generic calculator tool. There are two apps available:

  • IBM Micromedex NeoFax
  • IBM Micromedex Pediatrics

Access the desktop version of NeoFax