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Installing the VisualDx App

To install the VisualDx app:

  1. Go to VisualDx. If you are not using a SHA networked computer or the RQHR Wi-Fi then you will be prompted to enter your barcode (contact us to request a barcode).
  2. Select the 'Get the Mobile App' icon below the search box and then select 'Create a Personal VisualDx Account'. If you already have an account, skip to step 4.
  3. Complete the form and then select 'Create Personal Account'.
  4. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
  5. Log in with your email address and password.

Note: A Wi-Fi connection is always required when using this app.


Search for Diagnosis

About VisualDx

A visual diagnostic decision support point-of-care tool that contains over 23,000 outstanding digital images. Search by symptoms and other visual clues, which are integrated with key clinical information. Search by single symptom or build a differential diagnosis.

Access the desktop version of VisualDx