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Google Search Tips

Word Order 
Google ranks the first word slightly higher than the second, the second slightly more than the third, etc., so put the key terms first.

Search for pages that might use one of several words using OR in capital letters or the pipe symbol.
e.g. lung OR pulmonary
e.g. lung | pulmonary

You do not need to use AND because Google automatically searches for all search terms.
e.g. cloning ethics = cloning AND ethics

Use parenthesis to organize your search when you want to combine more than one concept. Put parentheses around similar concepts using OR.
e.g. (lung OR pulmonary) (cancer OR neoplasms)

Google uses automatic truncation to find various word endings.
e.g. diet = diet, diets, dieting, dietary

"Phrase Searching"
Use quotes around search words to search for an exact phrase.
e.g. "borderline personality disorder"

Restrict search to a particular domain or website. Do not use a space between the colon and the first word.
Search top level domains: e.g.
Search within a specific organization or institution: e.g. 
Search within a specific country's domain: e.g.

Search for definitions of words. Use with a colon and the results are restricted to a list of definitions. Use define without the colon and the results are broadened to include definitions as well as other relevant pages.
e.g. define:patella
e.g. define femur

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