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Records & Information Management Practices

The Saskatchewan Health Authority affirms the importance of standard records and information management (RIM) practices for the creation and keeping of all records and information required to fulfill its obligations and meet the expectations of its stakeholders. Records and information are valuable assets as they:

  • Document past decisions, business functions and transactions
  • Are the basis for future decision-making, new activities, pending transactions
  • Establish legal precedents
  • Establish rights and obligation
  • Documents specifications, research and innovative work

In order to protect these corporate assets, the Health Authority commits to the systematic creation, retention and regular disposal of records in a manner that facilitates accountability, accessibility and institutional memory. This will be realized through the development of records and information management standards and their implementation within all business units of the Health Authority.

 Standards will include policies, procedures, guidelines and a comprehensive records classification and retention schedule. The records schedule will be used to classify/file records, assign official responsibility to business units and provide guidance on how long records need to be retained before destruction or transfer to a permanent collection.

If you have any questions regarding these standards, contact Dan Davies, Records and Information Management Archivist.

Records & Information Management Archivist

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Dan Davies
Dan Davies, BA, MAS