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The information provided on this webpage has been endorsed by the LiveWell Pediatric Diabetes team in Saskatoon, SK. However, the LiveWell team does not control all content provided on or linked to this website and thus we encourage you to use it at your discretion. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the content, please contact your physician or diabetes team. In addition, we cannot accept responsibility for the use of this material by other agencies.


Welcome to the Pediatric Diabetes Patient Information Guide.

This guide was created by the Health Region Library and LiveWell Pediatric Diabetes Clinic to provide patients, families, caregivers and friends with key documents, forms and reliable patient resources.

Some resources listed in this guide are specifically designed to be used by clients of the Pediatric Diabetes Clinic, while others are for general use.

Some resources are available free-of-charge through the LiveWell Clinic, the Library or the public library, while others are available only by purchase.

Please email us or call 306-655-8228 if you have any questions about this guide.

LiveWell Contact Information

*For new diabetes patients who have not been started on treatment (especially those with type 1 diabetes or metabolically unstable), we ask that you call the Pediatric Diabetes doctor on call at 306-655-1000

Provincial Partner Contact Information