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Copyright Overview

The Saskatchewan Health Authority Library adheres to Canadian Copyright law, and license agreements for all electronic resources.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with Canadian Copyright law and electronic resource license agreements. Fines for being found guilty of copyright or license agreement infringement can be significant.
  • Licensed electronic resources include databases, electronic journals, electronic books, and point-of-care tools purchased by the SHA or the Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Partnership (SHIRP). Vendors can place greater restrictions or freedoms on the use of their electronic resources, which supersedes copyright law.
  • Fair Dealing is an exception in the Copyright Act and Copyright Modernization Act that allows for the reproduction, without permission from the copyright holder, of one copy of an insubstantial portion of an original work for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism or review.
  • © The copyright symbol is a reminder. All original works are protected by the Copyright Act, regardless of whether the copyright symbol is displayed or not.

What You Need to Know

These guidelines provide you with some common dos and don’ts related to copying and using original works.

In general, you can:

  • Include information (a direct quote or paraphrased content) found in an original work in your own written work (e.g. research paper) as long as you properly cite and credit the source
  • Print one copy of an article received in a digital format through interlibrary loan

In general, you cannot:

  • Print copies of an article retrieved through interlibrary loan (as you have already received the one copy that is permitted by copyright law)
  • Use a digital copy of an article retrieved through interlibrary loan for more than 5 business days
  • Save a digital copy of an article retrieved through interlibrary loan

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