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Susan Baer
Regina General Hospital

Laboratory Resources

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General Laboratory

Annals of Laboratory Medicine

2012 - Current


Practical Laboratory Medicine

2015 - Current

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Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine Reviews

1987 - Current


Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy

2018 - Current

Journal of Blood Transfusion

2012 - Current


Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

2010 - Current

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Clinical Pathology

Pathology & Oncology Research

2021 - Current


Pathology Research International

2010 - 2018

Academic Pathology

2014 - Current


Analytic Cellular Pathology

2010 - Current

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Journal of Cytology

2007 - Current


Journal of Cell Biology

1955 - Current

Archives of Histology and Cytology

2005 - 2017


Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology

2008 - Current

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American Journal of Hematology

2005 - Current


Advances in Hematology

2009 - Current

BMC Hematology

2005 - 2019


Experimental Hematology & Oncology

2012 - Current

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General Laboratory

Transfusion Medicine

Clinical Pathology




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