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Legal & Labour Resources

The library will order books for your unit or department. We receive discounts, especially for bulk purchases. Keep this in mind for ordering copies of the CPS and Criminal Codes. Library staff will catalogue the item so you can search it in the catalogue. Email us with the item information, your cost centre, and manager's approval.

Saskatchewan Statutes & Regulations:

The following list of health-related statutes link to CanLII, which also provides the regulations pursuant to the Act.

Legislative Resources:

Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan charts the progress of bills before the current session of the Legislature as well as previous sessions from 1998 to the present. Debates (Hansard) are available from 1998 to the present and can be browsed by date through the legislative calendar, searched through the subject index or speaker index. Information about committees, minutes, orders, and journals can also be found here. 

Publications Saskatchewan
The premier resource for Saskatchewan legislation is Publications Saskatchewan, available at no charge. They host a comprehensive collection of current Saskatchewan legislation as well as a growing historical collection including Point in Time Consolidations and Historical Legislation.

They also maintain legislative tables that are essential for historical research. The legislation available online is considered authoritative, not official. Only paper copies of legislation are considered official. 

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library
The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library maintains the Saskatchewan Bills database. This searchable database tracks changes to Saskatchewan statutes over time, charts the progress of bills, features proclamation dates, and includes legislative summaries. Saskatchewan Proclamations features a handy list of provincial proclamations dates from 2000 to the present.

(explanations provided with permission by the Law Society of Saskatchewan Libraries)


Canadian Statutes:

The Department of Justice is considered the official version (free) of the federal statutes. Statutes and regulations are also available from CanLII

Administrative Tribunals:


Information and Privacy Commissioner:

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Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals:

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Tips on Citing Case Law:

Legal & Labour Relations Updates

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