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Note: Contact the Library (not the IT Department) if you experience technical issues with any of the licensed mobile apps. If the issue is unresolvable, we can put you in contact with the vendor and their support team.

Micromedex Apps

To download the Micromedex apps:

  1. Go to Micromedex.
  2. Click on "Mobile Application Access" in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select "Micromedex Native Mobile Apps". You will then see a list of apps and their downloading instructions. Make note of the password that appears in step 4 of each set of instructions.
  4. When you open each app(s) on your device, select "Micromedex Customer" and enter the correct password(s).It may take a few minutes to finish downloading.

IBM Micromedex Free Drug Reference from the App Store or Play Store

IBM Micromedex Drug Interactions from the App Store or Play Store

IBM Micromedex IV Compatibility from the App Store or Play Store

IBM Micromedex Neofax from the App Store or Play Store

IBM Micromedex Pediatrics from the App Store or Play Store


Note: You will be asked to update your password on an annual basis and the apps will remind you when it's time. This can be done by repeating the steps on this page. 

Micromedex contains comprehensive drug, disease and toxicology information for both healthcare professionals and patients. Includes NeoFax, Trissel's 2 IV Compatibility, Drug Identification, Drug ID & Interactions, patient counseling tools and Clinical Calculators. Content is updated on a regular basis.

  • Micromedex Free Drug Reference app provides access to full drug monographs.
  • Micromedex Drug Interactions app provides access to the drug interactions checker.
  • Micromedex IV Compatibility app provides access to the IV compatibility checker where you can view Y-Site, Admixture, and Solutions results from the Trissel’s 2 database. 

Access the desktop version of Micromedex


NeoFax is also included in Micromedex and is designed to assist clinicians in improving outcomes and efficiencies in prescribing, calculating, and administering drug therapy for neonates and children. Resources include drug monographs, enteral formulas, and a generic calculator tool.

  • Micromedex NeoFax
  • Micromedex Pediatrics

Access the desktop version of NeoFax